FIXWANT Thread Locker Anaerobic Glue Light Yellow 50ML


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Product Description:

This thread locker can be used to thread bolt locking seal, install the rotor, gear, and pulley on the shaft, remove locks and fixing screws and more.It is corrosion/chemical Resistanceand anti-oil.

Liquid Color: Light Yellow

Strength Level: High Strength

Glue Viscosity(77℉): 300 ~ 600 mPa.s

Average Removal Torque: 15 N.m

Average Breaking Torque: 20 N.m

Maximum Filling Gap: 0.13mm

Applicable Screw Size: M6-M24

Operating Temperature Range: -50~150℃ (-65 ~ 302 ℉)

Operation Steps:

  1. Clean and dry parts
  2. Remove cap, apply threadlocker stick to threaded parts, assemble parts and re-cap.
  3. Parts fixture within 15 minutes and are fully cured after 24 hours.

Matters Needing Attention:

  1. Please save and use in well-ventilated environment
  2. In case of contact with skin and eyes, please rinse with plenty of water
  3. Please keep away from children
  4. Keep away from sources of ignition
  5. Best storage temperature is 8-25℃(46.4℉-77℉)
  6. Initial solidification time at room temperature is 5 to 15 minutes

7.When the ambient temperature is above 23℃, it should be put into use 4-6 hours after assembly. When the ambient temperature is below 23℃, it should be put into use 6-24 hours after assembly.

  1. Testing strength is performed 24 hours after assembly.

9.Thread lockers are for metal parts and are not recommended for plastics. Disassembly may require the use of hand tools to separate parts.Not suitable for using in pure oxygen or oxygen-rich environment and can not be used as a sealing material for oxidizing substances.

10.Shelf Life:2 year, valid dateon the bottom of the bottle.

11.Bigger bottle than 50ml used, the net volume is 50±2ml.

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 4 cm


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