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Before introducing the company, let us first introduce the products. Our company mainly produces and sells mobile phone repair glue, such as B-7000. T-7000 series, daily glue, fabric glue, shoe glue, PP glue, quick-drying glue 401, 502, silicone glue, EPDM glue, pure CA glue, metal repair glue, UV glue, acrylic glue, cold-resistant glue, high-temperature resistant glue, etc. All products have passed the EU REACH test.

Who We Are

FIXWANT is a company focusing on the research and development, production and sales of glues and adhesives. The company has been engaged in the research and development and sales of glues and adhesives since 2014. The company was formerly Yiwu Shao Qiang E-Commerce Firm. In 2021, a new company, Shenzhen iWishTech Electronics Co., Ltd., was established and the brand FIXWANT was established. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the principle of "quality-oriented, customer first" and is committed to providing global users with high-quality glue and adhesive products and professional solutions.

Company Background

In the rapidly developing industrial and commercial environment, glue adhesives are important tools for connecting various materials. Their quality and performance are directly related to the stability and service life of the product. We are well aware of this, so since our establishment, we have continuously invested in research and development, and are committed to developing more advanced, more environmentally friendly and more efficient glue adhesive products.

Product Features

High quality: We use advanced production technology and strict quality control system to ensure that each product meets national and industry standards. Diversification: We provide a variety of glue adhesives, suitable for different materials, different environments and different needs. Environmental protection: We pay attention to the environmental protection performance of the product, strive to reduce pollution in the production process, and ensure that the product is harmless to the environment and human body.

Service Purpose

We always adhere to the service concept of "customer first", take customer needs as the guide, and provide customers with a full range of services. Whether it is product consultation, technical support or after-sales service, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the best service.

Looking to the future

Looking to the future, we will continue to uphold the principle of "quality-oriented, customer first", continuously increase research and development efforts, and improve product quality and performance. At the same time, we will actively expand domestic and foreign markets, work hand in hand with more partners, and jointly promote the development of the glue adhesive industry. We look forward to working with you to create a better future!

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We sincerely provide you with high-quality glue and ensure that they all meet EU standards. We deeply understand one thing: compliance can last long.

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All products strictly comply with EU REACH standards.

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