FIXWANT T7000 Plus Glue (Black)-15ML


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This T7000 Plus is EU REACH Compliant. The prices listed are retail prices, please contact us for wholesale prices if needed. Also all products are able to customize your own branding, please contact us for details.

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T7000 Plus Contact adhesive is the staple choice for cellphone frame repair (mainly for personal purpose), glass, plastic, leather, wood, cloth, its solid content, curing time and viscosity make it a great universal adhesive.

T7000 Plus use clean formula which fully compliance with EU market.


Water resistant
No powder residue
Precision applicator with pin-in-lid design to prevent blockage.
Quick and easy to clean overspill


Solid Content: 30% – 35%
Colour: Clear
Size / Liquid measurement: 15ML
Cured Hardness: 65-80A
Temperature range: -35°c ~ +90°c
Curing time: 3 Minutes (Quick) 24-48 Hours (Full)

User Manual:

1.Clean the surface of the object to be bonded to ensure that it is dry and free of oil stains, etc.

2.Apply the glue on the items to be bonded, both sides need to be glued, and then wait for 1-2 minutes

3.Align the glued part and glue it, and apply a little pressure to make the glued surface fit better

4.wait 6-12 hours to reach the use strength, 48 hours to reach the best bonding strength

5.Clean up the glue residue on the bottle mouth and tighten the bottle cap in time after gluing is completed


110ML, 15ML, 25ML, 50ML


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