FIXWANT Metal Repair Adhesive With Putter 40g /80g


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Product Description

FIXWANT Metal Repair Glue is mainly used for
bonding repair of copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast
iron and other metal castings. It can also be used for oil leakage in
automobile fuel tank, leakage in industrial water tank, leakage in household
pipes, holes in radiators, sand holes in metal pipes, etc. It is an industrial
grade AB glue with a wide range of uses and excellent performance.

After curing, FIXWANT Metal Repair Glue can
be polished, drilled, sprayed, soaked in water, high strength, impact
resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high and low temperature

(- 60 ℃-200 ℃ /-76℉-392℉)

User Manual

1.Clean the surface of the object to be bonded to
ensure that it is dry and free of rust oil stains, etc. Plastic materials such as PVC pipes need to
be polished.

2.Squeeze out the same amount of glue A and B and
mix well according to the proportion of 1:1. Stir well and apply the glue
evenly to the surface that needs to be bonded.

3.24 hours to reach the best bonding strength,
winter may need longer time.

4.Clean up the glue residue on the bottle mouth
and tighten the bottle cap in time after gluing is completed

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40g, 80g


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