FIXWANT CA Glue Fine Tip Glue Applicator Adhesive Dispensers


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This Fine Tip Glue Applicator is EU REACH Compliant. The prices listed are retail prices, please contact us for wholesale prices if needed. Also all products are able to customize your own branding, please contact us for details.

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Product Name: Fine Tip Glue Applicator
Materials: Plastic
Color: White
Size: Tube dia 0.16 inch, tip length 2.8 inch

Package contains: 500 pieces of fine tip glue applicator, large quantity can fully meet your different needs in daily life

Nozzle Design: Featured nozzle design that allows for controlled dispensing of glue.

Main functions: installed on the glue mouth, the small tip of 0.8 mm can slow down the liquid flow, thus better control the liquid deposition and apply the glue more accurately, you can also cut down the fine tip to meet your requests.

Wide applications: the fine tip glue applicator is suitable for home, industrial, handicraft and furniture stores, also essential things for model lovers as well

Easy to Use: Simply squeeze the glue tip to dispense glue and apply to surface.


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