EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber Glue

We are always asked whether we can develop glue for EPDM which they want to use for car seal stripe or windows seal stripe and need to dry fast, so we have this now.

FIXWANT EPDM glue is a special adhesive specifically designed for bonding EPDM to other materials, including metal. Its advantages are reflected in many aspects, especially its fast drying and fast bonding characteristics of EPDM to metal. The following is a detailed explanation of these advantages of EPDM glue:

Quick drying characteristics:

  • Time efficiency: Quick drying glue can greatly shorten the time required for the bonding process and improve work efficiency.
  • Reduce movement and dislocation: Due to the rapid curing of the glue, movement or dislocation between the bonded materials is less likely to occur, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the bonding.
  • Adapt to different working environments: Quick drying glue adapts to a variety of working environments, including indoors and outdoors, and various climatic conditions.

Quick bonding of EPDM to metal:


  • Strong bonding strength: FIXWANT EPDM glue has excellent bonding strength, which can ensure a strong connection between EPDM and metal.

  • Weathering and aging resistance: Since EPDM rubber itself has excellent weathering and aging resistance, the matching EPDM glue also usually has these characteristics, ensuring that the bonding parts remain stable in long-term use.

  • Chemical corrosion resistance: FIXWANT EPDM glues are resistant to chemical corrosion, which means that they can be safely used in environments exposed to chemicals such as oils, acids, alkalis, etc.

Other advantages:


  • Environmental protection: FIXWANT EPDM glue adopts an environmentally friendly formula, which reduces pollution to the environment.

  • Easy operation: FIXWANT EPDM glue is easy to use and can be easily applied with a dropper.

  • Good temperature resistance: FIXWANT EPDM glue has a wide temperature resistance range and can maintain stable performance under different temperature conditions.


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